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Empty Cars to Enter Cannonball 2018

By Carl Reese

In the near future the coast to coast record will be set by a completely empty cars.  Thats right.  You heard correct, no pilot, no passengers.   Let’s catch up for just a moment.   Saturday Tesla owners got 7.1 update to their cars. This update comes with the much awaited  “summon” feature.  With a push of your FOB allows you to summon your car from the garage.  You can summon for your car up to 39′ away.  Cool right? Well not exactly, the update also neuters the Autopilot to 5 mph over the posted speed limit.  This will diminish anyones hope of beating the EV autonomous record. Read my article to stop the update.

Photo Credit Deena Mastracci

Today on a call with the press Elon Musk dropped another bombshell.  He said in 2-3 years, the Tesla “summoning” feature range will increase from todays range of 39 ft, to a mind blowing distance from Los Angeles to New York! Holy Cow Batman!  This is a drop kick to the transportation industry.  Literally your car can be in New York and you are in Los Angeles, you’ll be able to open your iPhone app and ask the car to drive to you.  Without anyone in the car, it will note your location and start driving to you.  What about charging?  They got that covered too, Tesla is working on the automatic plug-in supercharging stations.

The car will simply know where and when along the route to pull into the charging station.  The charger will connect on it’s own.  When finished it will unplug itself and continue on its way to you.  You can drop yourself at work and send the car home to charge. When your ready to leave work, summon the car to pick you up. Think about the money you can save on parking.

Musk and his team regularly do the impossible.

Don’t believe he can do it? Don’t be so quick to dismiss Musk’s capabilities. May I remind you this Musk just launched a rocket into space last month, and was the first to recover the first stage by landing it vertically back onto the launch pad (go to 32:40 to see the landing).  Previously all first stages landed in the ocean and were unusable.


It’s not rocket science, electric power is renewable.

So this summoning thing coast to coast isn’t going to be a terribly big deal for Musk and his team.  He has already produced a car that can run 300 miles on yesterday’s sunshine. Talk about disruption to the industry.  If you have about 10 solar panels on your home, congratulations you have your own fueling station. Say goodbye to foreign oil and gas stations, your fuel will come from the free fussion plant in the sky.

Of course the big three automakers still don’t get it, they are still struggling with outdated “infotainment”.     Meanwhile, Telsa has released autopilot in October of 2015.

  The good ol’days.

Ed Bolian and Dave Black names may go down in history as the last to set the gasoline New York to Los Angeles cannonball record.  As the future brings newer technologies.

Say What?

Think about it, not just an autopilot coast to coast record.   No occupants whatsoever.  Empty cars traveling from New York RedBall Garage to Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach for the first ever Pilot-less Cannonball run.  I’m talking the the real future of Cannonball.  Perhaps as soon as 2018 teams will cannonball their empty Teslas coast to coast.  Watching the cars progress across country, on the screens of their smartphones, while enjoying dinner in Baleen Restaurant at Redondo Beach. 

Which begs the question, who will get the ticket if the car doesn’t have any occupants?

Sir do you know why I pulled you over…………. uh?

I predict that a Tesla will be the first car coast to coast with no driver.   If you see an empty Tesla pull out of the Red Ball Garage at 9pm heading west, on some fall evening in 2018……. you know where to find me.   You’ll likely find me in the corner of Baleen, with my iPhone in my hand.  Shall I make a reservation for anyone else?

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