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Man sets first Electric Motorcycle record from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL

By Carl Reese

In 2013 Terry Hershner became the the first man to drive coast to coast on an electric motorcycle. He rode a 2012 Zero S ZF9 electric motorcycle. Terry studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University.  This knowledge came in handy as he made serious modifications to the Zero Motorcycle.

Terry’s solo trip from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL in five days, or 135 hours.  He came in 36 hours before another team that was also out to set the record.

Terry did have some trouble along the way. One charging station was locked up and he managed to use a 240 outlet at a nearby welding shop.  He also had to swap out the motor due to a loose sprocket.  The mechanical problems were only compounded by the sleep deprivation.

During his trip used the existing charging network infrastructure that was available to the public to complete his run.  Terry did not a support vehicle for his run.

Terry lowered the coefficient by installing a Vetter Streamliner fairing, and installing two charging ports to increase charging time. Talk about hacking skills!  You can keep track of “Electric Terry” on Facebook

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