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89 Year Old Woman drives solo 3225 miles

Carl Reese TDA contributor

Meet Racheal Veitch a 93 years old,  isn’t your typical senior.   She likes to long road trips, guns, and driving 120 MPH.  She is the original owner of this 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente that she affectionately calls “Chariot”.  Her well kept car has 570,000 miles on the odometer, isn’t the only amazing thing about Racheal.  She very well may be the oldest person to complete a solo transcontinental run.  David Simpson watch your back!

During an interview for “Growing Bold” at the age of 89 years old.  She claims to have driven 3325 miles solo to her 70th High School Reunion and back.  Here at TDA we call that the “Double Transcontinental Run”.  Impressive!

This high mile car rivals the odometers in the now famed “2904 event” and might meet the budget restraints also.

This woman isn’t worried about driving solo. If someone out there is thinking of car jacking this lady sweet lady…. you better think twice.  She keeps a pistol under the front seat and also has her concealed weapons permit for it.

Racheal we here at TDA salute you……keep on keeping on!

Rachel Veitch


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