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Gyroplane Los Angeles to New York Record

Carl Reese TDA Contributor

Dayton Dabbs (left) and John Craparo (right) Photo Credit AOPA.ORG
Dayton Dabbs (left) and John Craparo (right) Photo

 In October of 2015 John Craparo and Dayton Dabbs of Texas have claimed four new speed records for speed, over a recognized course in a gyroplane weighing less than 1,102 pounds.   The trip started in Dallas Texas to Los Angeles to New York, NY and back to Dallas Texas.  Total of 73-hour, 5,365-statue-mile flight.

The men claim three world records and one national record.  Records over a recognized course include Dallas to Los Angeles at 30 knots average ground speed, including any delays; Los Angeles to New York at 34 knots; New York to Dallas at 20 knots; and a national transcontinental record eastbound from Los Angeles to New York at 34 knots (same as the city pair “recognized course” record).

Between Los Angeles and New York the men had 16 stops for fuel.   This is only slightly less than the 24 EV charging stops between LA and NYC.   The open cockpit gyro encountered rain during the trip.  Both men watch in horror as the rains started to collect on the floor.  Eventually the rain lighted up and the water drained thru the floor.  The trip did have some additional drama, the men were running late for a scheduled landing at  LaGuardia before 6:30 am or be turned away.  They barely made their deadline.

Craparo, age 56  of Georgetown, Texas, is a retired senior vice president of Hewlett-Packard Co. He is the author of the book You Can Fly Now.  Dabbs, age 30, of Taylor, Texas, is the president of Lone Star Magni Gyro. The company trains gyroplane pilots and is a distributor for Magni gyroplanes. Both men copiloted and alternated as pilot of a Magni M-16 gyroplane for the record speeds, which were measured from initial takeoff to final landing, including all rest periods, are as follows:

Dallas to Los Angeles: average speed: 56 kph

Los Angeles to New York City: average speed: 64 kph

New York City to Dallas: average speed: 38 kph

Eastbound Transcontinental Speed Record in a Gyroplane less than 500 kg, average speed: 64 kph

Map of Gryro Record Credit
Map of Gryro Record
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