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Man Sets Solo Lawnmower Record San Fransisco to New York City.

Carl Reese TDA contributor

In March of 2003 Brad Hauter embarked on a 79 day journey across United States on lawnmower.  Traveling solo from San Fransisco to New York by way of Santa Monica.  A total of 5551 miles!  Which begs the question “Dave Black are you guys using the same GPS?”

Back in 1999 Brad had secured a 600 hour Transcontinental Lawnmower record.  His name appears in the Guinness Book of World Records.    Six hundred hours on a lawn mower has got to be brutal.   Talk about exposed to the elements this guy is tough as they come !


This trip is noteworthy not because it’s perhaps the slowest and longest transcontinental journey on the books.  Running across U.S.A. from San Fransisco, CA to New York, NY is faster !

It is remarkable considering the modification to the transmission only netted him a top speed of 25 MPH.   Brad support team had a minor set back when overnight at hotel his trailer and two lawn mowers were stolen half way through his trip.  Fortunately, the local Wal-Mart donated a lawn mower so he could finish his trip to New York City Battery Park.

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